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One small improvement each week

Evolutionary change is easier to implement than revolutionary change.

At Church by the Bridge, we’re turning our attention to how we can have excellent gatherings – making these the highpoint of our church’s week.

I’ve got some responsibility for this, particularly at our Saturday night service.

I’ve got lots of ideas for improving our gatherings, but have been trying to implement just one per week.

  • a sign at the entrance.
  • a checklist for what needs to be done, when.
  • a quick meeting of those involved in the service (doesn’t always happen!).
  • music playing, via the computer as people arrive.

None of these are big. But they’re achievable.

These small steps (some work, others don’t) are far better than a master plan of brilliant ideas that never sees the light of day.

What small steps could you take towards a bigger objective in your ministry?

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