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30 Ideas for Community Outreach (2 of 3)

Yesterday I shared 10 ideas for getting our churches known, and making an impact in our communities. Here are 10 more ideas:

  1. Coordinate a Winter Appeal (in association with Anglicare) to collect clothes and food for the needy this winter. Your church could be used as a drop-off centre, or you could door-knock houses offering to collect clothes and food.
  2. Run a kids holiday club.
  3. Invite your community to take part in a challenge (e.g. 40 Hour Famine, 5 Days in May, or create your own).
  4. Create an online form and invite locals to share what they love about living in [suburb]. For example "What I love about living in Kirribilli".
  5. Teach Scripture in the local school/s.
  6. Host a concert (e.g. carols, jazz) in the local park. My church hosted 'Carols under the Bridge' last December and about 1,000 people turned up.
  7. Join the local tennis/quilting/running/model train/gardening/food appreciation club, or start your own.
  8. Design and print posters with details of church activities, and place them on the footpath. For example, "Grab the attention of passers-by".
  9. Run a marriage enrichment or parenting course.
  10. Buy a coffee for a stranger - offer to pay for the coffee for the person lining up behind you in the local cafe.

10 more ideas tomorrow!