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Apologetics Posters That Speak To Passers-By

Back in May I wrote about some posters my church had produced to display outside church, to let passers-by know about what's happening (read 'Grab the attention of passers-by'). Recently my church has ventured into a new type of poster. The posters seek to succinctly respond to some of the common questions or criticisms people have about Christianity. For example: Q: Hasn't science disproved Christianity? A: Science assumes order and uniformity in the world, and provides ways of understanding what normally happens. It doesn't 'disprove' the miracles recorded in the Bible, since these are examples of God at work in the world in 'unusual' ways which we would not be able to predict. Science doesn't set out to answer the bigger questions such as 'Why are we here ?' and 'How should we relate to God?' and cannot do so. To find the answers to these questions we need to look at what God himself has said in the Bible. The posters are very simple - the emphasis is on the text. Here's an example:


Other questions (and answers) include:

  • How do we know God is there?
  • How can God allow suffering in the world?
  • Isn't a Christian just a good person?
  • Aren't Christians just a bunch of hypocrites?
  • What about people who have never heard of Jesus?

I'm not sure exactly where these questions and answers were sourced from - we didn't write them! However, I've seen them on several websites, including Christ Church Gladesville and Grace Community Church. I have again been amazed at how many people stop and read the posters - another great opportunity to share the gospel and engage with people in your community.