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An Inspiring Collection of 50 Church Welcome Videos

Church welcome videos can provide a warm and compelling introduction to the church. Check out this collection of more than 50 examples.

Church welcome videos can provide a warm and compelling introduction to the church. When I stumbled upon the church welcome video on the All Souls, Leichhardt website, I was struck by how "welcome" I felt! Not only is it well-produced (this is a must), but it provided a friendly and engaging introduction to the church and why I should visit. Take a look: This is a great example of what a church welcome video can be. There are different types of church welcome videos - some are designed to be viewed on the church website, while others are intended to play at the start of a church service. Some videos seek to give an overview of what the church is all about, while others aim to provide the what, when and how for people who are visiting for the first time. The style of videos is diverse:

And yet the primary audience for all church welcome videos should be the same as the audience for a church website - people who don't yet attend the church. After viewing more than 50 church welcome videos, I have concluded that the best church welcome videos:

  1. Are more than a talking head.
  2. Are narrated by someone who is excited (or at least enthusiastic) about the church.
  3. Assume that the person watching the video knows nothing about church.
  4. Avoid language that doesn't make sense to un-churched or de-churched people.
  5. Clearly explain why the church exists.
  6. Include stories of life change.
  7. Have lots of smiling faces.
  8. Communicate who is welcome, and provide realistic expectations of what to expect.

Here's a round-up of more than 50 church welcome videos. If you've seen other examples, please share them in the comments below.

5 Point Church

The C3 Church

Calvary Church

Centre Street Church

Christian Fellowship Church

Christ’s Church of the Valley

Christ Church St Ives

Christ Community Church

City on a Hill

Colonial Hills Baptist Church

Community Fellowship Church

Compel Church

Cornerstone Church

Creek Road

EastLake Community Church

Embassy City Church

Gateway Church

Good Shepherd Church

Grace Capital Church

Grace Church

Grace Community Church

Grace Community Church

Hillside Community Church

Hope City Church

Hope City Church

Kingfisher Church

Kings Church

Life Center

Life Church

Life Church Lancaster

Living Rock Church

Long Hollow Baptist Church


Mission Hills Church

Newbreak Church

New Life Fellowship Church

North Hill Baptist Church

Oak Hills Church

Open Door Baptist Church

Passion City Church

Peoples Church

Riverlakes Community Church

St Helen’s Church

St Paul’s, Castle Hill

The Summit Church

Trinity Church

Venue Church

Vine Church + St Michael’s

Westside Community Church

Ventura Baptist Church

Victory Baptist Church