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Church Health and Growth

What Gets Reviewed Gets Improved

Schedule time to regularly review what's important to ensure it stays on the radar

Peter Drucker famously penned the line:

"What gets measured, gets managed"

I'd like to suggest a similar line:

"What gets reviewed, gets improved"

So what is it in your church or ministry that gets reviewed? What is it in your church or ministry that never gets reviewed?

  • Kids ministry?
  • Processes for assimilating new people?
  • The clarity of sermons?

Review obviously doesn't guarantee improvement. It just means that improvement is more likely than if no review took place.  In churches, it's easy to review some things frequently, and avoid reviewing other things almost completely. As I read recently and paraphrase now:

If the giving in a church declines for a couple of weeks, a crisis meeting is held. And yet, a church can see no new converts for months and even years, and barely an eyelid be batted.

Not only does what gets reviewed get improved. What gets reviewed also indicates what's important.  On a personal level, my wife and have I found it beneficial to schedule periodical family reviews (inspired in part by Michael Hyatt's life plan concept) to touch base on how we're going, and what we could be doing differently as a family.