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Video: Crowns of Glory

Younger Christians desperately need older Christian role models. Here’s the story of one such couple, who have been role models to my friend Chris. Here’s the story behind the interview:

“A couple of months ago on TV I saw a compilation of interviews with elderly people called ‘You Can’t Ask That’. It was engaging and insightful yet I couldn’t help but feel sad. I was sad because those interviewed seemed to find little meaning or purpose in their life. It was as if their glory days were past and they were now relegated to being useless until death.

So I decided to make my own version using passionate and godly older legends and collating them all into one video. When the first interview took two hours I realised I would never fit them all in, so now it’s going to be a series. This is the first one. Meet Alex and Margaret, two dear friends and mentors of mine who have been selfless in their love for me and others.

I have learnt so much from these two, and my prayer is that through this video you will too.”

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