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App: Memorize the Bible with Verses

Last week I wrote about NeuBible – a new Bible app with a focus on design and usability. It’s a great way to read the Bible.

A new app following in its footsteps is Verses – an app to help you ‘memorize more scripture’. It also has been beautifully designed and is a treat to use.

There are ‘games’ to help you memorize, you can easily select a verse to memorize and create collections of verses that group together verses however you like – perhaps by book of the Bible, or topic.

The only weakness in the current version (and the same is true for NeuBible) is the lack of support for different versions of the Bible – but as with NeuBible, more are promised in the future.

Screenshot 2015-04-09 10.07.14

The only other app I’ve used to memorize the Bible has been Fighter Verses – also a very useful app.

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